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Lake Villa Baseball Q & A regarding Split with Travel Program

Lake Villa Baseball Q & A regarding Split with Travel Program

0001.pngLake Villa Township Baseball – Questions and Answers
There have been a number of emails requesting information regarding the split between Lake Villa Township Baseball and Lake Villa Travel. Here is a list of questions and answers:

Q. Why did Lake Villa Township Baseball choose to remove it’s travel baseball program from the League?
A. The split was actually requested by our travel program during their Mike’s Memorial Tournament this summer. We were asked as a board, to vote on allowing Lake Villa Travel teams to go off on their own.

Q. What agreement is in place for this new travel program to use Lake Villa ball fields and facilities?
A. There is currently no agreement between Lake Villa Township Baseball and travel programs for use of our facilities. It is our understanding that many parents now believe that there is, however, that is not true at this point in time. The LVTB Board is looking at the breakdown of what it would cost per game for field workers, concession workers, field maintenance, patched umpires, etc. (These are items that are normally built into the registration fees) The Board has an obligation to all registered in-house families to cover our costs for these potential travel games. Availability of our facilities would be based on essentially what is left after the scheduling of our in-house baseball program, Nippersink softball program, and n60 baseball program. Scheduling for these is usually completed by mid April.

Q. How will insurance coverage work?
A. Because Travel teams are no longer a part of Lake Villa Township Baseball, these players no longer fall under our insurance coverage. All players should however be covered under whichever league(s) they register through. For teams interested in using our facility, they would be required to present us with a Certificate of Liability, same as if they were participating in a tournament.

Q. How does this affect the Softball program?
A. It does not affect our softball program at all. Even though softball travels, they do so as part of the Nippersink league, not an actual travel league. Our N60 baseball program also travels, but it is as an extension of our in-house baseball program. Our baseball Pony league travels as well, as we have “partnered” with outside communities such as Wauconda, McHenry, & Vernon Hills (and potentially others), in order to give the pre high school players an opportunity to compete against some of their future opponents.

I hope that this helps answer any questions and alleviates any concerns that the parents of our league have.
Thank you,
L.V.T.B. Board Members

NIASL (N60) to expand to 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, & 14U


The Lake Villa baseball board has decided to expand their popular N60 program ( The program – also known as the part time, traveling, in-house all-star team – started last year and proved to be extremely popular among those who played, coached or watched. Going forward, the program has been expanded to include teams at the 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, and 14U level. For those who want to know – 13U was discussed, but due to the amount of pony teams we currently have coupled with the amount of games players participate at the pony level, the board felt one 14U team could suffice for both age groups.


The board has also reduced coaching restrictions on the N60 teams and open coaching up to parents with a son on the team – mirroring the coaching restrictions in the past with travel baseball and the post-season tournament teams. In addition, the N60 team will stay together and play the post-season all-star tournaments rather than splitting the group up and holding separate tryouts for the post-season teams. The managers of the N60 teams are also allowed to be assistant coaches for in-house teams, but the selected N60 manager will not be allowed to manage an in-house team.


Tryouts for the N60 teams will be held during fall ball in September, however, coaches need to be selected in August. Anyone interested in coaching the N60 team at any of these levels should contact N60 coordinator Lee Filas at